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Overview and Organization

Background, objectives and information on Research Areas


Research and Innovation Lab: The programme’s core infrastructural service and research center


List of SPP2431-Projects

ENTAILab: Research Infrastructure and Innovation Lab

The projects of the Infrastructure Priority Programme “New Data Spaces for the Social Sciences” (SPP 2431) are supported and accompanied by SPP’s central project ENTAILab, the programme’s core and infrastructural service and research center.

To achieve SPP’s objectives, the research projects need to be supported and accompanied by a set of unique measures that provide infrastructure services, offer excellent research opportunities and promote the dissemination of results into existing and emerging research and data provision programs. These measures are bundled in the Research Infrastructure and Innovation Lab (ENTAILab). There are clear upscaling and synergy effects of ENTAILab for the projects within the SPP, leading to opportunities and successful realizations. By providing the infrastructure for a range of projects at the same time, e.g. the connection to existing data, samples and panels, server capacities, code and tools, expert counseling, and research overviews, we make use of synergies and create added value, while at the same time conducting cross-cutting research. 

The measures combined in ENTAILab represent the central and unifying element for the research and development and transfer activities of the priority programme. It is the necessary backbone for its success.

ENTAILab is dedicated to the use of existing research infrastructures, their advancement and the demand-oriented generation of a new research infrastructure for the needs of the SPP projects and the development of new data spaces. ENTAILab aims to create a unique infrastructure for research-based innovations in the field of survey data and beyond. The backbone of SPP will be the research projects in and across the four research areas, supported and accompanied by a set of infrastructure measures based on ENTAILab. Together with additional components and services, the aim is to meet the needs of the diverse projects within the SPP and to disseminate the results and deliverables resulting from their work. The figure below shows the organizational structure of the priority programme and its core infrastructural service and research center, ENTAILab, which will integrate the four measures.

The four ENTAILab measures

  • ENTAILab Measure Build on and Develop Existing Panel Studies

  • ENTAILab Measure Research-driven Infrastructure for Advanced Survey-related Data (CIRCLET)

  • ENTAILab Measure Data Protection and Data Ethics

  • ENTAILab Measure Results for Future Data Spaces and Open Science