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Research and Innovation Lab

Support as well as coordination of the individual projects

Research Areas

Research Areas 1, 2, 3 & 4

Research Infrastructure and Innovation Lab

The research projects of the Infrastructure Priority Programme “New Data Spaces for the Social Sciences” will be supported and accompanied by a set of infrastructure measures within its infrastructural service center, the Research Infrastructure and Innovation Lab.

The first measure is related to the potential of InfPP’s projects to use existing infrastructures, that is, large-scale panel studies, for data collection and thus to (1) build on existing panel studies. The second measure constitutes a powerful (2) research-driven infrastructure for advanced survey-related data that will provide unique and innovative services for the projects of the InfPP. The third infrastructure service will work toward the (3) dissemination and diffusion of results for possible implementations in different types of studies as well as collaboration of related exchanges within the InfPP. The fourth measure will focus on (4) data protection and ethics, an important and challenging issue for research innovations that rely on linking different data types.

The four measures aim at providing a successful and supportive environment for research within and across the InfPP’s projects. Together with different exchange and networking formats, they will systematically feed results back into different kinds of panel applications and studies and social science research in general.

Build on existing panel studies

For information on the design and specificities of the three panel studies see this comparative chart (see here). It outlines which possibilities go along with each panel study. Please note: Depending on your study idea and the accompanying effort, varying data collection costs need to be included in your DFG grant proposal. For details, see the linked documents below.